Torq Enginnering A Force For Innovation

About Us

TORQ Engineering a Force for Innovation

TORQ Engineering Ltd. is a leading edge technology company which helps companies build wealth and competitive advantage through world class Predictive Maintenance Services. TORQ offers services which will increase your businesses profitability by improving asset reliability, reducing safety issues and targeting energy waste. Our success is built on the benefits we provide to our clients spanning a wide range of industries.

We bring a unique, practical perspective to condition monitoring because of our years of experience and our thorough technical understanding.

The TORQ Reliability Services Division will help your business obtain substantial savings by:

  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Detecting failing assets
  • Reducing unplanned down time
  • Extending critical asset life
  • Improving asset utilization & productivity
  • Lowering inventory requirements
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Identifying root cause of recurring failures
  • Identifying safety concerns

Torq Engineering primarily provides predictive maintenance services to:

Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Nevada.

Training is available worldwide.