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Predictive Maintenance

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Innovative preventive maintenance services that keep your plant up and running.

The mission of Torq Engineering is to leverage our knowledge, experience and best in class technology to save money for our customers. TORQ Engineering provides world class machine condition monitoring services which maximize your operation’s productivity and reduce costly down time. Our comprehensive predictive maintenance services provide the expertise you need to effectively carry out your plant reliability program.

TORQ offers flexible, cost-effective solutions. Don’t lose another day or dollar to production hassles. To find out how condition monitoring can streamline your operation and boost productivity, contact TORQ Engineering today.

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Predictive Maintenance Technologies







Torq Engineering applies the latest preventive
maintenance technologies to detect and
diagnose problems. We do this by detecting
failing assets, extending asset life,
improving asset performance, reducing unplanned down time and identifying the root cause of recurring failures. Our customers understand the condition of their assets.

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Condition Monitoring Applications


Condition Monitoring Applications






The field service engineers and technicians
of Torq Engineering are the region’s leading
providers of electrical diagnostics and electrical
predictive maintenance services of electric motors,
generators, transformers, feeder cables,
switchgear, drives and loads. Torq provides
limited or turn-key field reliability services
where and when you need them.

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