Ultrasound, ultrasonic inspection, leak test

Energy Efficiency



The cost of ownership for rotating assets is high. When you factor in energy usage and maintenance expenses, it can cost several times the purchase price of an electric motor to run it for a year. So our work in improving energy efficiency and plant reliability makes a significant difference in your operating costs.

One way that Torq Engineering can help reduce energy usage is by locating air leaks in a compressed air system. Many plants have multiple large generators running simultaneously to keep up with air demand. With significant leaks in the system, these generators run unnecessarily, wasting energy and incurring wear and tear. Air leaks can be easily located and fixed with ultrasound. Torq engineers have helped reduce compressor energy use by as much as 25 percent in a facility through ultrasonic leak detection and repair.

Other areas for energy efficiency improvement include replacement of failed assets with more efficient assets, proper bearing lubrication and other frictional losses and power factor correction.

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