Reliability services, predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, condition monitoringService Support Models

Every business must make a decision regarding the best way to monitor its assets. This decision is affected by labor cost, staffing, training, hardware and software availability and timelines.

Torq Engineering offers four service support models to meet every need.

1. Turnkey – Torq will function as part of your maintenance staff performing asset monitoring, evaluating data, providing reports and making recommendations on a regular basis according to an agreed upon schedule.

2. Supplementary – Torq will augment the maintenance duties of your staff as needed. This can be when specialized expertise is required or during shutdowns.

3. Remote Diagnostics – Your staff will collect the data and send it to Torq personnel for evaluation and recommendations.

4. Training/Mentoring – Torq will train and mentor your staff so that your staff can ultimately take control of your condition monitoring program.

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