Torq Engineering Operating Principles

Customer Focus

  • Realize that the success of Torq Engineering relies on our ability to satisfy our customers
  • Understand and meet or exceed the expectations of our customers

Employee Focus

  • Understand that the organization is made up of all its people
  • Motivate, energize and empower people throughout the organization
  • Focus on employee satisfaction through actions which improve the quality of work life

Pride in Craftsmanship and Total Quality

  • Maintain the highest level of workmanship and accountability in a culture of Total Quality
  • Use simple and effective tools to support a “Zero Defects” principle. Don’t accept, don’t produce, don’t pass on any defect

Safe and Healthy Work Environment

  • Ensure that all employees work in a safe, clean and healthy work environment
  • Ensure that equipment and the work environment comply with government codes and policies
  • Work towards a target of zero accidents and zero lost work days

Operational Effectiveness and Waste Elimination

  • Work responsibly to minimize labor and material waste
  • Streamline and align all personnel, activities, processes, inventory, capital equipment  and documentation to efficiently achieve company goals
  • Employ hands-on problem solvers who quickly deal with issues where and when they happen


  • Communicate respectfully, openly, honestly and on-time
  • Regularly and effectively provide direction and share information about projects, improvements and daily performance

Recognition and Rewards

  • Recognize teams and individuals for a job well done
  • Reward teams and individuals for operational improvement ideas

Profitability and Finance

  • Generate profit from business activities and thereby continue to serve our customers and attain our other business goals
  • Contribute to charitable, cultural, educational and political organizations to support the basic fabric of our society